How Can I Take Part in Basket Brigade UK

Have you been inspired by the story of Basket Brigade UK, or want to take your place on our list of Leaders? There are several ways you can take part or contibute within Basket Brigade UK. We’ve outlined below the key areas where you can make a difference.


On our event day, 23rd December, we form a fantastic team of Crew to help the day run smoothly and ensure the safety of all our wonderful volunteers. We need around 100 crew, so if you’re available on the 23rd, want to do more and can stay for the full day, including arriving slightly earlier, please take a look at our Crew page where you can apply once registrations open. To find out first when we open registrations for Event Crew, please ensure you’re subscribed to our newsletter.


If you’d like to take part on the 23rd December, from packing baskets to delivering them, please ensure you register. Every year we are fortunate enough to be very over subscribed with volunteers, so please don’t delay and ensure your space at this years event.


Each year we need to raise tens of thousands of pounds to create the baskets and feed those in need. It seems that every year the costs go up and more people need your help, so please dig deep and whether it’s £1 a month or £50 today, every penny goes towards feeding more families. You can donate here.


Basket Brigade UK was founded on the basis of anonymous giving. And it is for this reason Basket Brigade UK partners with companies that are looking to give back, with humility and elegance in mind. Basket Brigade UK provides your company a unique opportunity to subtly support the cause whilst giving your team a great chance to develop their teamworking skills. You can find out more on our Corproate Social Responsbility page.

If your company would like to donate or sponsor the event we’d love to hear from you. We have several fantastic opportunities to sponsor various parts of the event, helping Basket Brigade UK put more money into feeding more families.


Are you part of an organisation that would like to nominate recipients for a basket, e.g. a School, Church, Housing Association, Shelter, then please visit our page here where you’ll find the criteria for nominations along with instructions on how to do this.

If you’re looking to nominate a single person, or just a few people, perhaps including yourself, please visit our nominations page and please ensure the criteria is met.


Perhaps you’re struggling this year or just need a little help with the cost of a Christmas dinner. We may be able to help, firstly please visit our nomination page and check that you meet our criteria, if you do then please submit a nomination. Sadly, we cannot guarantee that you’ll receive a basket but we do our best to help as many people as possible.


Firstly, the silent hero’s who work away for months to put together our event. Whether you can contribute serveral hours to several days a week, we need many different people from all different walks of life. The commitment you make is entirely up to you but typically would involve 1-2 hours per week for team members and say 3- 6 hours per week for team leaders. Being part of this team is a unique way to give back to the London community at a special time of year and a great opportunity for personal growth.

Here are some comments from some of our leadership team volunteers from the past:

“Incredibly rewarding experience to make a real difference to the lives of others”

“Being on the leadership team gave me a chance to develop my business and communication skills and meet some amazing people in the process”

“It really allowed me to put into practice everything I committed to at UPW and gave me an opportunity to serve others

Application for 2023 have now closed, please take a look at our CREW roles for helping on the day.