The Basket Brigade UK Leadership Team Need You

We are seeking enthusiastic volunteers to join our leadership team to make this years event the biggest and most successful Basket Brigade ever run, building on the incredible achievements of previous years.

Here is some feedback from previous volunteers:

“I first took part in Basket Brigade in 2018, because I wanted to make a difference to people at Christmas time. What I didn’t expect was the warmth, fun and satisfaction of being part of a group of like-minded individuals who are working to make the world a better place. Being on the leadership team and helping to deliver the event for so many people is a great experience and a wonderful opportunity that I cannot recommend highly enough.””

James, Registration Team Leader

“I admit was a little nervous when I volunteered to be part of the leadership team as I didn’t know anyone and wasn’t quite sure what I had signed myself up for. But I needn’t have worried. Everyone was so friendly and helped each other out. It was an amazing experience to work together and see all our hard work come together on the day.”
Maya, Deputy Team Leader

We are now recruiting for Event Day CREW roles.

The overall team is run by the Leader, a prominent position for someone who’s really looking for growth and to develop their leadership skills. They are supported by 8 different teams, each run by a Team Leader & trusted Deputy who work with their team members to achieve amazing things!

The roles we are looking for volunteers for are:

– A truly committed individual who’s looking for significant growth and to develop their leadership skills.
– You’ll be guided by previous leaders and coached in each aspect of organising the leadership team and running the event.

As Giles, a previous Leader commented, “if you want to learn to lead, learn to lead volunteers

Fund Raising
Less about shaking buckets and more about developing contacts that want to help.

– Help seek, negotiate & source items for our online auction
– Look for opportunities to match a company’s desire to support Corporate Social Responsibility with volunteer opportunities
– Design ways to increase corporate sponsorship of the event
– Collaborating with the Marketing team
– Ideal Skill set: Skills in persuading people, sourcing items or corporate contacts

Marketing and Communications
Our Marketing & Communication Team are the voice of the event and vital to its success. Driven to shout from every rooftop about the event and the difference people can make this Christmas you and your team will inspire others to want to help.

– Design and develop key marketing messages for volunteers, charities and partners
– Design innovative ideas for raising the profile of Basket Brigade UK
– Design & write emails to our subscribers
– Help post & share on social media
– Sourcing PR opportunities & connecting with those in PR

Our Charities  Team  is key to the right recipients receiving our baskets. 

– Join the Charities team in reaching out to charities to find recipients for this years baskets
– Liaise with charity partners to identify those most suitable
– Oversee all charity communication and partnerships
– Review & cleanse data sent back

Whether you’re a Business Analyst, Programmer, Coder or IT enthusiast, our Technology team is a great opportunity to help automate many of the processes & data.

– Built on the Google Sheets scripted registration system
– Create & integrate Google forms
– Administer & Configure systems such as Zoho ONE & Google Workspace
– Design innovative ways to utilise technology to improve the processes and procedures of Basket Brigade
– Create a process for matching driver data to recipient data
– Including Zoho Champion, WordPress webmaster, IT Mgr

Event Safety Team
Guiding & assisting the hundreds of volunteers to ensure they’re kept safe and in the right place

– Help marshal the event to ensure the safety of all volunteers
– Guide volunteers to the right place
– Managing of the car park

A bargain hunter who loves negotiating and thrives on beating targets.

– Negoitate with suppliers on the best deals possible
– Source alternative suppliers
– Liaising with wholesalers
– Sourcing of luxury items that organisations are willing to donate
– Purchasing of ancillary items needed for the event

The beating heart of the event, helping to manage what happens when & where.

– Oversee and manage all aspects of logistics including site selection and management, location details, routes, etc
– Sourcing of supporting items such as Walkie Talkies, T-Shirts, AV,
– Planning timeline of the event day
– Planning & executing events on the 23rd

Project Manager
An overseeing eye, planning & bringing teams together.

– Support the Leader in overseeing the project management of the team.
– Helping keep the organisation of the event on track
– Oversee and coordinate all Basket Brigade activities
– Liaise with all stake holders as required

Crew Manager
Helping prepare out wonderful crew for the big day

– Identify what roles the crew team will have on the event day
– Setup communications groups for the Crew
– Design & develop online training
– Train crew leaders on their roles in advance of the day so they’re prepared
– Facilitate allocating crew into crew teams
– On the event day, orchestrating the crew teams

The commitment you make is entirely up to you but typically would involve 1-2 hours per week for team members and say 3-4 hours per week for team leaders. Being part of this team is a unique way to give back to the community at a special time of year and a great opportunity for personal growth.

This is not an exhaustive list. All roles involve a team of enthusiastic people working together. If you would like to be involved in any way, or have ideas about how we can help those most in need in London through this special event please get in touch. Any member of our team would be happy to speak to you.

Frequently Asked Questions about the Leadership Team

If I Can’t Attend On The 23rd, Can I Still Be Part Of The Leadership Team?
Yes of course. Whilst it would be great for you to be able to attend on the 23rd to see the result of your hard work, it’s not required. This can be a great way to find out more about the event & the team and offer an opportunity to take a more prominent role in the Leadership Team the following year.

If I’m On The Leadership Team, Can I Still Take Part With The Event As a Volunteer On The 23rd?
Yes indeed. Most roles on the Leadership Team complete before the event day and therefore you’ll have the opportunity to take part on the day as either a volunteer or a member of crew.

If I’m On The Leadership Team, Can I Take Part As Crew?
Yes, members of the Leadership Team are given first choice for Crew roles & Crew Team Leader roles because they have more knowledge of the event and we’ve experienced working together.

What If I Become Too Busy At Work or Something Happens That Means I have Less Time?
Everyone on the Leadership Team is part of a team and in teams we all contribute differently, at different times. The team work together and contribute where they can. If you suddenly need to take a back seat, other members of the team step up and support that.

If you would like to apply to join one of the amazing teams please click here.