Crewing at Basket Brigade UK

Basket Brigade UK is run by volunteers and on the day of the event, the 23rd, we also look for CREW who’d like to step up and help run the event.

Crew must arrive between 6:30am – 6:45am and stay until the event is complete.

Please see the list below for the remaining CREW roles available. If you’d like to apply for a role, click on the APPLY link on the right hand side, where you’ll be ask to complete a training and short assessment. Upon successfully passing the assessment you’ll be awarded your chosen role.



Being part of the crew means you’ll arrive from at 6:30am – 6:45am on the 23rd. You’ll be given a different colour wristband to general participants so people can identify you as crew.

Yes for some positions and you would be required to stay until the end of the event before leaving for deliveries. We ask that all members of crew remain flexible and willing to help wherever they’re needed.

Volunteers on the day will look up to crew, so it’s imperative that crew remain calm, positive, flexible and willing to do whatever is asked.

On this page you can see the list of available roles and apply for the role you’d like. You’ll need to complete some training and an online assessment, to ensure people know their role.

We very much look forward to working with you on the day to make this years Basket Brigade the best event ever.

If you’d like to get involved now and help as part of the Leadership Team, then please have a read of the Get Involved page.


Overall responsible for the smooth running of the whole operation from start to finish.  Works in Partnership with the Syntax Manager and Crew Manager.

The Syntax Manager is responsible for the running order of the day, ensuring we keep in time and where necessary making suggestions for changes to the syntax in order to bring timings back on track.

Tasked with filming, editing & posting content on social media throughout the event

Runners will assist the Syntax Manager to help bring people to the stage, get updates & find answers.

Ongoing responsibility for ensuring that fund raising activities are being carried out throughout the day.  Ensuring the Fundraising table is staffed, the auction is promoted and updates posted, etc.

The Logistics Manager has overall responsibility for how the baskets are made, including Table Captains, Quality Control and all supporting supplies.  They’ll ensure that their team has everything setup & in place and knows what they’re doing. They’ll have the Main Hall Team Leader, Courtyard Team Leader & Second Hall Team Leader to execute the plan.

Responsible for the operations to facilitate building the baskets, under the leadership of the Logistics manager. 

Ensure that the hall is set up in the morning with the signs in the correct places & tables set up to manage the Basketeers when they are queuing, to then transform the hall into table runs to ensure that the room functions correctly. 

Maintain Health & Safety by ensuring that the room is safe, bags/clothes/bags are not kept in the room.

Manage a team of Table Captains to ensure the baskets are built correctly.

At the end of the day ensure that everything is packed away and the hall tidied & cleaned.

Responsible for the operations of the Second Hall under the leadership of the Logistics manager.  

Ensure that the Second Hall is set up in the morning with the signs in the correct places & tables set up for card writing & cellophane/ribbon cutting. 

Display the message for the cards. 

Lengths for the cellophane & ribbons are displayed. 

There is sufficient supplies for cards, pens, scissors. 

Ensure the Cafe is set up with crew needed for supporting Imesh

Auction table is in the correct place

Cloakroom is set up – that the room is safe, bags/clothes/bags are not kept in the room.

At the end of the day they’ll be responsible for ensuring that everything is packed away and the hall tidied & cleaned.

We have multiple “table runs” this year and each will be led by a “Table Captain”. 

Table Captains will remain in post throughout the day (e.g. they won’t rotate positions) to ensure that each team knows how to follow the process to build the best baskets. 

Will orchestrate the building of the baskets, helping & supporting volunteers. 

Under the leadership of the Main Hall Team Leader.

Table Captains must ensure they know the correct process for the basket build

Once the baskets have been built and brought out into the courtyard, this role will ensure they are laid out on the ground, in sections of 50 baskets. 

Keep a running total of the baskets & above each section they’ll update the laminated sign with the total number of baskets once that phase of building is complete. Sections will be separated by size of basket. 

The colour of ribbons will be:

Purple ribbon = 1 -2 people 
Pink ribbon    = 3 – 4 people 
White ribbon  = 5 – 6 people

At the end of each build phase, they’ll update the Logistics Leader with the total baskets built for each colour.

Responsible for ensuring that a chain is set up when needed. 

Ensure that everyone in the chain is facing each other, NOT all facing the same way.

Be responsible for anything that moves during the day.

Responsible for ensuring that the food baskets chains are staffed with the right volunteer team and the baskets are placed in the correct place ready for collection.

Working with the “Basketeer Team Leader” to ensure the correct teams are in place at the right time

Inform chain member of correct positions to lift and carry items and to be aware of their surroundings.

Responsible for setting up tables to cut the correct lengths of cellophane and make up the right number of ribbons. 

It will be important that the right number of strips of cellophane are cut for the corresponding size of basket and that the right size is distributed to the “Table Runs” at the start of the basket build, but only give them the lengths for that size basket.

Ensuring tables are set up for writing of cards, pens are available and the message for within the cards is clearly visible on each table.

Supporting in the Cafe to help serve customers

This role is responsible for managing all the stock,. 

All the correct signs are put up during the setup phase as per the plan

When the chains are formed they’ll ensure the right items are brought in and put in the right place. 

Once the basket building starts, keep an eye on stock levels and ensure volunteer teams are not hoarding too much stock. 

When the produce is brought in, they will also be responsible for forming a small team to count the average contents of produce.  

Relay the average counts to the Logistics Manager for the slides to be updated

Bag the brussel sprouts up, once the average count has been taken. They’ll need to be bagged as 30 brussels into each bag. 

Inform the syntax stage manager the updated number of bags of brussels rather than actual brussels.

The number of baskets is how we control how many we need to build for each size of basket. 

The Tray Captain is really a crucial role in ensuring that the correct number & size of baskets are given out for each phase. 

Once all the baskets are brought in, the Tray Captain will count & separate the baskets into 3 stacks, one for each size.

With the assistance of others, we will then need to attach a colour sticker to each tray, denoting the size of basket, e.g. 1-2, 3-4 or 5-6. Once the build starts, it is critical that the baskets are constantly monitored to ensure no extra ones are taken. 

The tray captains will also be responsible for delivering the correct number of baskets to the correct table runs, ensuring that the right table runs have the right type. 

It’s important for Health & Safety that volunteers & crew don’t have items left around the site or in the halls. With so many people, it’s too dangerous to have bags left around the halls, so the Cloakroom will allow everyone to store their bags and coats. 

We will ask for a donation of £1 per item and the person will be issued a ticket, recommended to take a photo of the ticket (in case they lose it).

Working in partnership with the Syntax Managers to ensure that everybody in the event is where they need to be when they need to be there.  This is through the network of Managers, Team Leaders and Captains.

The Crew Manager is responsible for the The Basketeers and Helper teams.

Managed through the team leaders. They’ll ensure that they know which posts should be where at what times, working with the Syntax Managers and reporting back when rotations have completed.

Making sure that the Basketeer Team Captains know exactly where they are in the syntax and where their teams need to be at various points throughout the flow of the day. 

Liaising with the Crew Manager.

Responsible for a team of volunteers (Basketeers) 

There are 6 teams with a team captain for each team. They’ll ensure that the teams know where to be at each time and when rotating.Ensuring that all of their team knows what they should be doing and are ok.

They should keep their coloured hat visible at all times aso that the volunteers can identify you easily

Liaising with Crew Manager

Responsible for the team of helpers (RED t-shirt)  throughout the day. 

The Helper TL should liaise with the other team leaders to see where they need extra help, e.g. when rotating teams they may need extra people to help move teams. They’ll rotate through various roles during the day. 

The helpers will do the following:

State Changers – ensuring that volunteers are greeted as they arrive and know to just queue up. Helping answer any questions like toilets etc, timings & encouraging people to participate in the auction.

Registration – There will be 2 helpers at each registration desk, they’ll take it in terms to gather a group of volunteers from one desk, e.g (10) and show them the Cafe, Cloakroom & then show them to where their team is doing their first task.

HELPERS will be asked to circulate around the venue and help people where needed. 

Clean up  – ensuring there is a crew of people that are needed to clean up as we go** and after the main part of the event is over. 

Managing the smooth flow of registration through the registration Team Leader Roles. 

Ensuring that all volunteers are registered, distributed across the teams evenly and that the drivers are then correctly allocated to recipients and the addresses are given out smoothly.

Responsible for Training of the registration crew so that they know how to check in volunteers. 

Once registration is complete, the registration TL, technical captain and Registration processors will remain at the side for any queries, late registrations etc. The rest of the team will then commence their dual role, as advised.

Staying within the registration team throughout the day to process volunteers as they arrive after main registration has closed and helping with address allocation queries later in the day.

Oversees Car Park Team Leader and Event Safety Team Leader

Responsible for a team of Yard Marshalls. 

Ensure that the team are rotated & Given breaks. 

Ensure Helpers supply hot drinks from the Cafe for the car park team. This team will be given free hot drinks.

Ensuring the right people are in the right place and that the cars are kept flowing and parked in the right place as specified by the Event Safety Manager. 

Parked in appropriate places due to the driver ‘wave’ they are in, non delivery drivers parked elsewhere.

Leads the Event Safety Team

Responsible for ensuring that the team are located in the predetermined posts and are rotated & looked after.  These posts will change throughout the day

Responsible for ensuring the rotation happens at the right time.

Entry control – checking people in on a list

Bag search 

Ensure that no unauthorised people enter the building

Responsible for crowd control within & around the venue. 

Keep corridors clear

Ensure that restricted areas are not accessed

Inform helper team if there is is rubbish to be cleared

General Site Safety