Welcome to Basket Brigade UK!

We are Basket Brigade UK, a small charity with the aim of delivering baskets of food, love and hope on December 23rd every year to those who could really do with a helping hand.

Charities nominate recipients and the volunteers who register to attend each year, make it possible for these baskets to be delivered.

Our event cannot take place without your support:

  • 100% of our charity is run by volunteers who work behind the scenes to plan months in advance and recruit teams
  • 100% of the donations goes toward the event and purchasing of stock for baskets, there are no admin fees
  • We rely on donations and need support in promoting our event as it costs 20k to make the event happen

It feels good to do good and whether you volunteer on the day, or would like to make a one off donation, your contribution is far reaching.

In the last 3 years we have:

  • Worked with over 2000 volunteers who made our events a success!
  • Delivered over 5000 baskets
  • Made an impact to over 20,000 people

You can help by:

  • Registering as crew to help us behind the scenes and manage the event on the day
  • Sign up to be santas helpers, we need elves to build baskets, reindeers to build baskets and deliver to families, or santas sleighs to deliver baskets only!
  • Make a one off donation – it costs £20 to feed a family so every penny counts!
  • Sign up to make a monthly donation

Highlights Video of 2022

Basket Brigade UK relies 100% on the donations and sponsorship of our members and the communities they are a part of. Everyone takes part on a voluntary basis. We are always looking for help and welcome any suggestions you may have to help us raise more funds.  The last Basket Brigade UK event in 2022 had over 500 volunteers and we delivered 1,000 hampers by the time the day was over! We need lots of help this year again! 


To be part of this year’s Basket Brigade UK please sign up and register here. We are also taking donations – just £20 feeds a family of 4! Please give generously. Use the ‘Donate’ button alongside. Thank you!

We look forward to welcoming you on this magical day. 

Change a life and you change the world… the life you change may just be your own!

“Everyone has the need to contribute. It is one of the six human needs. If you give from your heart, it will come back to you tenfold.” Anthony Robbins


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