Corporate Sponsorship

In addition to our Corporate Social Responsibility packages, Basket Brigade London offers companies an opportunity to sponsor Basket Brigade London, with subtle opportunities for exposure. We look to align ourselves with companies that are looking to give back to their communities in an elegant fashion.
Basket Brigade London offers 3 different levels of corporate sponsorship, Gold, Silver & Bronze. Please find details below on what’s available in each level.

Headline sponsor of our online Auction with your logo on the opening splash page. Seen every time someone opens the auction app (Handbid)YesNoNo
Your Company name on Volunteer wristbandsYesNoNo
Your company logo on the Basket Brigade website homepage for 12 monthsYesYesNo
Your company logo on fortnightly email sent to around 1,500 subscribersYesYesNo
Mention on event presentationYesYesYes
Your company logo and information about your company on our Supports page of the websiteYesYesYes
Your company name mentioned on a thank you post on social mediaYesYesYes

If you’re interested in hearing more about how your company can help Basket Brigade London then please complete our Contact form and a member of our fundraising team will be in touch.