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Below are a selection of photo’s from previous Basket Brigade events to give you an idea of how much fun you too could have.

View our Official Video Highlights for Basket Brigade London 2017


View our 2017 ‘Unofficial’ video highlights

Basket Brigade London 2017

Chair: Giles Button
Venue: Bushey Academy
Baskets Created: 1,250

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Basket Brigade London 2016

Chair: Renee Stotz
Venue: Woodside High School
Baskets Created: 1,100

Highlight photo's from Basket Brigade 2016 on 23rd December at Wood Green High School. 

Basket Brigade London 2015

Chair: Belma Mahmut
Venue: Woodside High School
Baskets Created: 1,000

Some highlights from Basket Brigade 2015, held on 23rd December at Woodside High School

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