Every year, Basket Brigade London look to build on what we’ve learnt from previous events with a view to making each year better and better. We’d like to thank everyone that took part in our 2017 post event feedback. 
From the 2017 Event Feedback, we’ve summarised below what we felt went well and also lessons we’ve learnt and will look to build on from 2018. 

Summary of WWW (What Went Well)

  • New larger, venue
  • Online Auction
  • New basket build process allowed more people to get involved
  • Singing & Dancing
  • Gratitude
  • Meeting new people & great atmosphere
  • Online Registration

Summary of Lessons Learned

  • More help & information on what to do
  • Too long standing outside with no information
  • Better way to allocate the addresses & earlier in the day
  • Clearer communication among teams
  • More time for initial setup to be prepared for volunteers
  • Have the baskets built closer to the cars, or easier to take to car
  • More Christmassy

Key Target Improvements for 2018

  • Address allocation for drivers to be quick & simple
  • Drivers & Volunteers away by 2pm
  • Allow Volunteers straight into the venue so no standing in cold
  • Make “Check-In” / Morning Registration quick and easy
  • Clear identification of “Crew”
  • Clear direction from Crew on what to do
  • “Find me a team” helpers at the start to show volunteers around and help them get started in a team/role
  • More choice in the Cafe
  • Better information & wider selection of items for Online Auction
  • A Drive Through for collecting baskets, so no carrying to car
  • Have some Christmas music & lots of dancing
  • Entertainment for Children
  • Help people work in teams and do different roles