Can you Help – Last Minute Angels?

On the run up to the event on the 23rd, there are inevitably items that we need to purchase and haven’t been able to. This can be anything from a pair of scissors to as much Christmas Puddings as you can buy. This usually happens where we’re been let down by a supplier/supermarket and then don’t have enough time to order a bulk quantity from a supermarket. This process is also magnified because supermarkets, at this time of year, often place restrictions on how many of any item can be purchased, e.g. you can only buy 20 packs of Mince Pies if they’re on offer. For Example in 2017, we were let down by a Supermarket and the Angels were asked to purchase 1200 boxes of mince pies. The team jumped straight on it and amazingly they were all purchased within 12 hours, an incredible effort!

What we’d like to do is put together a team of 20 amazing volunteers (our Angels) that may be called upon at the last minute to jump into action and purchase the missing items. Any costs for purchasing items will be refunded 2-3 days after the event by BACS (you can request a cash refund on the day for smaller amounts). Unfortunately we cannot refund any indirect costs, e.g. travel, petrol, time etc. This is likely to be on the 21st or 22nd of December, so please ensure you’d be available.

Of course we’re hoping & planning that we won’t need our angels, but we thought it wise to put this backup in place.

We ask that our Angels hang on to the items they’ve purchased and then arrive by 8am on the 23rd (but not before) so that we can arrange to unload the items and collect the original receipt.

If you’d like to join our Angels, then when you register for the event please tick the “I’d like to Join the Last Minute Angels group”. About 2 weeks prior to the 23rd December, we’ll be in touch. In order that everyone can see what’s happening, we’ll create a Whatsapp group for our Angels, so please ensure you have Whatsapp and that you’re ok with your number being shared within the group. Thanks so much for offering to help.

Please note that it is the responsibility of each Angel to send in their receipts via Whatsapp and then to bring the original/paper receipt on the 23rd in order that we can refund the cost. Please note that we cannot refund any costs without a receipt. As mentioned above, we cannot reimburse any indirect costs such as travel, time, parking tickets, petrol etc. Angels are responsible for looking after the items they’ve purchased and then bringing them to the event on the 23rd.