Giving Back at Christmas

Is Christmas your favourite time of year? Unfortunately, many families across London can’t say the same. The expense of Christmas makes it very challenging for a lot of people in our communities to provide for their families at that time of the year and put food on the table, even on Christmas day.

These families shouldn’t have to go hungry when there are dedicated people like you and me, right? This is why Basket Brigade London is back for the twenty second consecutive year on 23rd December, bringing us all a day of fun and contribution! On the day of this annual event, we will ‘make up’ hundreds of food hampers and then, deliver these as a wonderful surprise to unsuspecting families in need.

Giving Back – Your Corporate Social Responsibility Opportunity

Basket Brigade was founded on the basis of anonymous giving. And it is for this reason Basket Brigade London partners with companies that are looking to give back, with humility and elegance in mind. Basket Brigade provides your company a unique opportunity to subtly support the cause whilst giving your team a great chance to develop their teamworking skills.

Basket Brigade London is attended by between 700 – 1,000 people of all ages, with 1/3rd of the audience being under 18. Volunteers come from across England, mostly from within the M25 and with a strong contingent living within 20 miles of the venue in Bushey, Hertfordshire. Each volunteer registers individually for the event on 23rd December 2018 and are assigned into teams.

By your company supporting Basket Brigade London you’ll have the opportunity to send a team of up to 10 volunteers from your company. These participants will be given the opportunity to all join the same team, creating a great opportunity to work together. During the event, an opportunity will be provided to have photographs taken of your team, by our photographer, in front of the main stage. These photo’s will be sent to you for your own use, whether in external marketing & PR or internal communications. If you’d like to apply, please complete our Contact Form and a member of the team will be in touch.

Leadership Development

If you’re interested in having your team develop their leadership skills, they can apply to join the “Leadership Team” or “Crew Team”. Surrounded by experienced leaders they’ll be given guidance and mentoring on leading a team of volunteers to help develop their leadership skills.