Crewing at Basket Brigade

Basket Brigade is run by volunteers and is put together during the year by a Leadership Team. On the day of the event, the 23rd, we also look for volunteers who’d like to step up and help manage the event. Ideally these are people who’ve attended Basket Brigade previously, but doesn’t have to be.

You can apply to be part of the crew, or step up to be a Crew Team Leader. Crew Team Leaders will help enroll and organise crew & volunteers into small teams, to perform tasks on the day. These can include: Registration; Signage; Safety Team; Crowd Control; Runners; Human Chain; Syntax Team, Parking; Pack Down; Address Distribution; Table Leads; First Aid Team; Produce Stations; Last Minute Angels & Dancers.

What’s Involved in Being Part of the Crew?

Being part of the crew means we’ll ask you to arrive slightly earlier, ready for Crew Registration at approximately 7:00am on the 23rd. You’ll be given a different colour wristband to general participants so people can identify you as crew. You’ll receive an earlier briefing on what positions are available and then briefed on what to do. Some crew will then recruit volunteers once they’ve registered to help in their task. We’ll be assigning people to the various teams 2 weeks before the event and would ask that you’ll be available a couple of evenings in the fortnight running up to the event for team briefings.

If I’m Part of Crew, Can I Still Build Baskets?

Some positions in crew will only be for a few hours, e.g. at the start or end of the day. However other positions will last throughout the day. We ask that all members of crew remain flexible and willing to help wherever they’re needed.

What Is Expected of Me?

Volunteers on the day will look up to crew, so it’s imperative that crew remain calm, positive, flexible and willing to do whatever is asked.

If you feel you’d like to get involved as part of the crew, then please complete the general volunteer registration form and select “I’d like to be part of the Crew Team”. We very much look forward to working with you on the day to make this years Basket Brigade the best event ever.

I’d Like to Help Out Now, Can I?

If you’d like to get involved now and help as part of the Leadership Team, then please have a read of the Get Involved page.